The Islamic Movement of Nigeria has condemned a court’s move to label the group as a ‘terrorist organization.’
“IMN (the Islamic Movement of Nigeria) is a tendency; it is not an organization.

It has never been registered anywhere in any state of the federation. Therefore, it does not exist legally. It’s not a legal body and therefore cannot be proscribed. We are going to appeal and inform the judge who did that that he did it out of ignorance”, said Yahiya Dahiru, a senior IMN official in a press conference on Sunday.

Over the weekend, a Nigerian court granted the government permission to label the local Shia Muslim group a terrorist organization.

The move is considered to authorize the security forces to clamp down harder on the group.

Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria have been marching in the capital Abuja calling for the release of their leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, who has been in detention since 2015 despite a court order to release him.

The peaceful protests calling for release of Sheikh turned violent after the security forces opened fire on protesters, leaving tens of people dead and injured.

Sheikh Zakzaky, who is in his mid-60s, lost his left eyesight in a 2015 raid by security forces that left more than 300 of his followers and three of his sons dead. His wife also sustained serious wounds.
In 2016, Nigeria’s federal high court ordered Zakzaky’s unconditional release from jail following a trial, but the government has so far refused to set him free