Hurras(Guards) of the Islamic Movement in Kaduna under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has raised an alarm over a clandestined plan to create a state of disorder in the name of brothers and sisters of the Islamic Movement in Kaduna.

This is contained in a press statement signed and released today Sunday 14/6/2020 in Hausa Language.

The press statement as it is translated from Hausa language said:

"Our attention has been drawn to a secret plan by the Kaduna statement government to create a chaos in the state. The state government planned to use the usual protest being carried out by faithful followers of the Islamic Movement in the state to bring a state of disorder, where the security apparatus would use such opportunity to attack armed security agents".

"They have planned to send their agents in public dress that would disguised and joined the protest. Their agents in disguised form would change the protest's slogan and its peacefulness".

The Hurras allegedly exposed that angry mobs have been arranged by the security agents where the precise task that would be carried out by the hoodlums has not been konwned. 

The Hurras of the Kaduna unit has therefore distances itself from any act of violence that might be experienced by the Kaduna citizens in these days. They have reiterated the peacefulness of the Movement and the recurrent protests in the state. They have proclaimed that, their protest is peaceful and it will continue following all the peaceful ways in purtuance of justice they have been crying for, over 4 years now. 

Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has never resorted to violence even as it had spent decades suffering from series of attacks by the past and current regimes. Yet, the stance of followers of the Movement in Kaduna is continual street protests and rallies in all peaceful ways as enshrined by the constitution till their leader regains his freedom.

Read the press statement below as it was signed and released in Hausa language: 👇