About kaduna Press

Kaduna Press broadcasts text and audio-visual news on a daily basis. news kaduna Press  looks forward to be the first youth of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria kaduna unit, source of news for media institutions, and provide them with the material by subscribing to its services.

Kaduna Press provides its subscribers with text stories, videos, audios, and the service of live video broadcasting via satellite, online live streaming for the subscribers. It also supplies its subscribers with the required data, information and documents.

The Kaduna Press team is a news producer with extensive knowledge of the process. It explores and interprets them based on endpoints such as videos, and questions of life; targeting all social classes of different cultural levels.

Our agency is a major link between the news sources and media institutions, especially TV channels. Kaduna Press is specialized with its precise choice of videos and stories, and the rapid dissemination of news to the subscribers. 

Kaduna Press is mainly concerned with covering the news of West Asian countries (Arab countries, Iran, Turkey, and other Islamic countries).  It is also concerned with the political, cultural, economic, and social development.

The Kaduna Press documents the current events, provides the information, monitors the facts, and analyzes and interprets the events using the latest media technologies.

Kaduna Press covers the daily events, it also features archives of news and documented material that can be used in documentaries, which will be saved for the coming generations

Kaduna Press gathers and distributes the information and news that are free of bias, distortion, twist, and exaggeration. It is wary about reaching the full story, which is characterized by accuracy and contributes to the enlightenment of knowledge and breaking the monopoly media.